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When COVID-19 coming

This is a war without smoke

But it’s a war with virus , doubts ,fears , rumors and discrimination .

Many countries is facing a dark time right now

And we are all fighters !

This is going to be a fierce and cruel war but don’t be afraid

We’re gonna win this war together in the end !

Here is KND Orthodontics suggests you how to prevent COVID-19 infection ?

※ 1.Avoid going to highly epidemic areas and avoid any close contact with people from original infectious areas.


※ 2.Avoid crowds , especially in airless enclosed spaces. Avoid longtime exposure without protection in these spaces ,especially people with low immunity.


※ 3.Wear a standard face masks ( N95 or medical level ) whenever you go out and wear in the right way.


※ 4.We should open windows several times every day to strengthen the air circulation, which effectively prevent respiratory infectious diseases.


※ 5.Wash hands frequently with soap ( better with sterilization function )  for more than 20 seconds.


※ 6.When sneezing or coughing , please cover your mouse and nose with tissue paper or elbow , not with your hands directly. 

Suggestions about preventing COVID-2019 infection

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